Want to Contribute as Mentor?

Our mentors are young professionals from across the country and spend 1-2 hrs a week mentoring children from disadvantaged backgrounds primarily focusing on remote locations. We believe in the ideology where we as a society, will grow if each individual can share knowledge and wisdom gained through experience and education to the younger generation, a world where each individual is committed to the development of the other. We are on a journey to grow the chain of mentoring sustainable across the country creating and shaping the future leaders of India with the motto of Sarthak

– “Each one, reach one”


Expectations from a Mentor?

1. Know each other: Mentor is encouraged to break the ice and encourage the mentee to share about themselves and vice versa.
2. Know the expectations: Mentor shall encourage the mentee to know their expectations and then build the relationship around it.
3. Set up the timeline for meeting and calls: Discuss and fix a timeline for the calls to be made to review the progress and share some experiences. A weekly call of minimum 1 hour is mandatory while it can be increased to more time depending upon the mentors and mentees.
4. Set up the agenda for 1 month: The expectations discussed above shall be broken down into small parts and a realistic goal should be set for the first month. A quarterly review meeting should be done with mentee, mentor, mentee’s family and a member from AASD.

Common Questions for the Mentees ask to Mentor?

1. What has been your story from childhood to current time?
2. I am confused for what should be my next step, can you advise how to proceed?
3. I am unable to concentrate on my studies, can you advice for what to do?
4. What are the options available after 10th/12th high school examination?
5. I like studying mathematics but my parents want me to become a Doctor. What should I do?
6. How to start preparing for IAS examination from high school?
7. How to prepare for IIT examinations from high school.
8. Can you help me improve my English by making all conversations in English?
9. How can I start meditation?
10. What are the things I should focus on in my current education?

Qualities of a Successful Mentee?

Qualities of a Successful Mentee Quality: Personal commitment to be involved with another person for an extended time. The mentee has to want to be a full partner in the mentoring connection and be invested, over the long haul, to be there long enough to realize a difference. To that end, they prepare and do the appropriate ``homework`` for meetings with their mentor. They work to gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities to grow. Quality: Flexibility. Successful mentees recognize that relationships take time to develop and that communication is a two-way street. They're flexible, listen to their mentor, and consider new options. They take initiative, seeking the mentor's advice when needed.

Join As Mentor

If you have 2 hrs/week of available time and a cell phone, you can join us as a Mentor! All we need is a year’s commitment with minimum of 6-8 hours per month. Be the change you have desired all your life and make use of your free time to build the future of India. Be the changemaker, be the Saarthi!

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