‘Sarthak-U’ is the first program under the Sarthak flagship mentoring programs, started in Nov 2017. It aims to connect the students from underprivileged sections of the society to the established people who wish to build a sustainable society. The objective of this program is to bridge the gap of exposure to a student in a distant village to that of a students in a city/town. This enables a deserving student from a village to break the hurdles of mis-information, lack of guidance and resources to become a person of this dream.
This program enables every student to see a dream and pursue with support to achieve them.10 mentees were selected from a suburb, Jamalpur in Bihar. It is a 3-level selection process. 10 mentors from across the county with varied backgrounds took the first step for this initiative. The chosen group of students were in classes 9-12. Mentor-mentee profiles were mapped based on career aspirations, skills, common interests and hobbies. The mode of communication was challenging due to the location being remote, but we paved our way through digital technology.
One mentor made it to 95% in Class 10 board exams. 3 mentees showed an improvement in soft skills besides career development. In 6 months, our progress indicators started turning green with now mentees volunteering to continue this program.


‘Sarthak-I’ was a follow up program inspired from the fact that institutions like IIT Super 30 provide free education to deserving students from less privileged sections of society but this isn’t the only thing that those students need. Apart from proper technical education, these students need constant motivation and mentorship to guide them move smoothly into TOP engineering colleges in the country.
Broadening the horizon, in Feb 2018, Sarthak introduced 12 enthusiastic volunteers from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad to CSRL Assam Super 30, an Indian Educational initiative to support the meritorious disadvantaged students. Super 30 are a select of 30 meritorious and talented candidates each year from economically backward sections of society and trains them for the JEE, the entrance examination for Indian Institute of Technology which has an acceptance rate of less than 1%. Understanding the upcoming landscape of career goals and personal development with the right channels can make lives evolutionary, when we decided to render mentorship support to this cohort.
4 mentees made it to IITs and 12 more to NIT. Quality mentoring during this short span did enhance students’ success. At this point, we also believe it nurturing personal growth by focusing on character and values adds to the leadership abilities to face the challenges coming up in life.


On 02 Feb 2019, we launched our “Super Mentor Program – Inspire.Mentor.Empower” , a new communication platform bridging the country’s leading innovators, thinkers and doers with our team of change-makers (mentors). Currently, our mentors are young professionals from across the country and spend 1-2 hrs a week mentoring children from disadvantaged backgrounds primarily focusing on remote locations. We believe in the ideology where we as a society will grow if each individual can share knowledge and wisdom gained through experience and education to the younger generation, a world where each individual is committed to the development of the other. Super Mentors would be the mentors to our group of mentors committing to 1-2 hrs a month(remotely), shaping the future of India.