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To empower young people from all backgrounds and locations to build a stronger connected world through Life Skills Mentoring relationships.


Who We Are and What We Do

Sarthak Mentoring Program is a one-to-one mentorship program with an aim to reach out to the young minds in the remotest parts of the country. It was initiated with a vision to decrease the gap between the urban and the rural India in terms of education opportunities, skills and aspirations. It has been observed that the students in the rural areas are deprived of so many important opportunities just because of the family they were born in, known as the ‘lottery of birth’, which later on impacts the educational, social and economic outcomes of these people. A need for sustainable response to these disparities was felt by the founder Abhijeet Anand and Nishitha Boda, which gave rise to this idea of deeper relationship between the students/mentees and the mentors which is not only focused on career counselling but also on building oneself, their skill sets, their talents and most importantly journeying together, learning from each other. It is a volunteer led and volunteer managed program. Sarthak has empowered 90+ future leaders from 4 states of India since 2017.


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Aanandam Society for Sustainable Development, Jamalpur, Bihar.

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